10 People Share That One Moment They Witnessed The Fury Of A Patient Man.


4/10. I used to work as a shelf packer at a supermarket. Every few nights this couple would come in and without fail the girl with hair that was always somehow wet, would spend the entire time berating the guy. She would yell at him for anything he did "that's not the f**king laundry powder we get you idiot", "bring the trolley over here f**kwit", "don't move the trolley, I'm only getting one thing and then coming back. You're such a moron". If she wasn't finding little shit to yell at him about she would just attack him personally, call him worthless, weak, stupid, etc. You would be able to hear her high pitch grating voice no matter where you were in the store. I never heard this guy say a word. He just kept pushing that trolley with a dead inside look and a 1000 yard stare. I had dreams about just whispering to him "I'll distract her, just run man, run".

Anyway, I've been watching this for about a year and one day she's laying into him and he's just pushing that trolley looking dead inside and she tells "you're a nothing, a f**king nothing". He just stops, looks at her and talks to her like he's channeling Clint Eastwood "Well then what are you if the best you can get is a nothing" He lets that sit for a second then says "you're less than nothing, now be quiet". Dude then keeps pushing that trolley leaving psycho chick standing there dumbfounded. It made me so happy.


5/10. A teacher once called my brother Autistic (He was in 5th grade and in Honors classes, but the teacher had a reputation for being mean to kids and have very little patience) in front of his peers. The thing is, she did this while my dad worked at its sister school down the hall. So instead of telling my dad that he was struggling, she said so in front of his friends. My dad is a calm catholic man who doesn't smoke, or drink. My dad has been working as an English teacher for 20 years, so lets just say he has a way with words.

When he found out he went straight to her while my brother and I waited in the hall way. We heard no shouting, screaming, or bickering, but half way through we heard sobbing (like a close friend just died kind of sobbing). When my dad left the room to take us home I caught a glimpse of the woman. She sat in her chair with her elbows on her desk, tears rolling down he face. She looked some how pale and cherry red at the same time. She had the face of a woman who had been told she had messed up beyond her understanding.

She was fired the next day.

My dad just smiles when we ask him what he said to her all those years ago.


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