10 People Share That One Moment They Witnessed The Fury Of A Patient Man.


Recently, a Redditor asked "What happened that time you saw the fury of a patient man?" and people quickly began sharing their personal stories.

"Beware the fury of a patient man."

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1/10. When I was in high school, an upperclassman at my all male student Catholic school followed a female teacher into the bathroom and pulled a knife on her. She started screaming. That was when the gentlest, most caring, teacher heard the scream, and rushed from his classroom straight into the women's restroom. He then clocked this kid across the face and dragged him out by his collar into the hall. Then he checked on traumatized female teacher. Later, he just went back to class and continued teaching as though nothing happened. Dude knows seven languages, has never dated anyone, and is a brilliant, always calm, man. People gained a lot of respect for him after that day.


2/10. Gym class in high school. The quiet nerdy kid kept getting picked on during dodgeball. One jerk kept hitting him with balls even when he was already out. The quiet kid wasn't tiny, he was about average sized, maybe a little taller than average. He eventually lost his temper, ran across the court, and literally delivered a double-handed choke slam to the jerk. Being a bunch of teenage boys, we all lost our shit cheering for him. He got suspended for three days but it was reduced to one day in-school after a bunch of us went to principal and explained the circumstances.


3/10. My dad was career Army as an Officer. I have always known him as a soft-spoken, kind, never gets angry kind of person. He rarely ever raises his voice that I know of. There is a law in the US that basically protects any service member nearing 20 years from being forced out so they can get full retirement benefits. One day he gets a call from his commanding general telling him that he is going to be forced put due to budget cuts army wide. He got up out of his seat and started yelling at the general on the phone that it was impossible due to the law since he was in the "safe zone". He started quoting section after section yelling at the general telling him he had fucked up, and that it better be fixed.

A few days later my dad got a call again from the general, and the first thing the general said was "before you say anything, let me apologize for the other day, you where 100% correct". But budget cuts are budget cuts, and as soon as my dad hit 20 years he was retired.


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