10 Insane Stories Of Childbirths That Clearly Revealed A Cheating Spouse. We Need To Talk!


1/10) "My friend's a nurse, and when she delivered her first baby, as soon as she got the baby out, she looked at it, then looked at the parents and asked "OK, which of you has six fingers?"

The mother broke down crying yelling "I'm sorry" to the husband. As it turns out, their neighbour apparently had 6 fingers."


2/10) My mom has seen a lot of babies come out "the wrong color", but the story she always tells is a very dark black couple who ended up having a baby that came out COMPLETELY white with white-blonde hair.

The dad stormed out before the doctor could tell him the baby was albino, and he yelled the whole way down the hallway something along the lines of: "I feed you, I f***ed you, I rubbed your damn back and you give me a white baby!". He was apparently heard in the parking lot singing "That baby ain't mine".

He came back in the morning with coffee for the staff and a big bouquet of flowers and balloons for his wife because his mom or someone asked if the baby could have been albino since he had an albino cousin.

3/10) "My friend was a delivery nurse for the hospital that all high risk pregnancies go to. They are extremely busy and she has brought a lot of people into the world. She once delivered a baby in the parking lot by herself. This has come up on a weekly basis, but she shared the best story with us.

A Caucasian couple come in and the mother is in labor. When the dude is filling out paperwork the mother takes the doctor aside. She tells him there is a chance that the baby may a different race than the father and to let her know as soon as the baby is born.

The baby is born. The doctor turns to the mother and announces loudly,"Congratulations on your WHITE baby boy."

4/10) "A patient asked if both possible fathers could be in her c-section so that neither would miss the birth of his child. They'd figure out the details later."

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