27 Awesome Behind The Scenes Stories You Didn't Know About 'Sons of Anarchy'.


23/27) Katey Sagal is married to series creator Kurt Sutter; they've been wed since 2004!

24/27) Katey Sagal initially tried to become a singer before she got into acting. She was hired to sing back-up for Bob Dylan during his 1978 tour but was fired (along with half the band) a week before it started up.

25/27) Kurt Sutter has stated multiple times that Sons of Anarchy is loosely based on the classical Shakespeare play Hamlet. One episode titled 'Suits of Woe' is taken directly from a line in the play.

26/27) In the series finale the last words Jax says to the club are "I got this" before riding off to his death. Those same words "I got this" are also what Opie said before being killed in the prison.

27/27) The scars on Tommy Flanagan's (Chibs) face are very real. He was jumped when he was younger and that resulted in the scars.

Stories and facts sourced to IMDb.

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