27 Awesome Behind The Scenes Stories You Didn't Know About 'Sons of Anarchy'.


9/27) While researching his role, Charlie Hunnam came to realize that the riders he was with rarely wore boots. They actually wore sneakers. You can see throughout the series Hunnam wears white sneakers, except to throw bloody ones away and trade them for boots near the end.

10/27) In 2012, while being interviewed by Terry Gross on the NPR program 'Fresh Air,' Katey Sagal said that at least one song performed by her has been included in every season of Sons of Anarchy.

11/27) David Labrava's tattoos are all his own, even the smiley face on his arm.

This smiley is actually the inspiration for his character's name 'Happy'.

12/27) Most of the main characters do their own stunts and motorcycle driving.

13/27) Tig's fear of dolls is called 'Pediophobia'. Creator Kurt Sutter suffers from it in real life.

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