27 Awesome Behind The Scenes Stories You Didn't Know About 'Sons of Anarchy'.


'Sons of Anarchy' was the biker show we always needed when it first came on the air. It went on to be the highest rated series on FX ever.

Below are the coolest behind-the-stories and facts that make the show that much better. Enjoy!


1/27) Despite being known for his 'tough guy' image, Ron Perlman admits he was terrified of his Harley. He had some near-death spills with it while filming.

2/27) Kurt Sutter revealed in an interview that he realized Tara had to die when shooting season 2. The reason being, for when they shot the final scene, Jax had to be a character who was completely devastated.

3/27) The final episode aired on December 9, 2014.

Without wasting any time, series creator Kurt Sutter released a book about the show the very next day.

4/27) All the lines spoken on the show were written, as there is no improvisation allowed on set.

The scripts are followed verbatim, and any possible change is discussed with Kurt Sutter first.

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